Keuzemodule Deeltijd Engels B1 - Eigen vaardigheid

 This course requires an enrolment key

Overview English Skills

Course aim: The aim of this course is to work on your English skills. More specifically, you will work on developing your vocabulary, listening skills, grammar skills and speaking/pronunciation.

Requirements: You should have a score of no less than 50% on the placement test. If your score is higher than 70% I would recommend the English Didactics course instead

Credits: This course stands for 2.0 ECTS. To earn your credits you will have to i. complete the placement test (see below) and the homework assignments as described below.

Materials: You will work through the different blocks below. Each block deals with a different skill.

If you find English particularly difficult, consider buying the following books:
- Cambrigde Advanced learners dictionary with CD-rom ISBN: 9780521712668
- Essential English Grammar in use with answers and CD-rom ISBN: 9780521537629

This course requires an enrolment key